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Beyonce’s Red Ruffle Bag by November XVIII

Beyonce‘s latest bag may not be one you’ve heard of (yet), but as a trendsetter, she’s always on to what’s hot and what’s next. She was spotted in Nice, France toting her Red Ruffle Bag by November XVIII. Designed by Patricia Lukoszek, November XVIII (named for her birthday) bags are composed of slouchy, butter soft leathers and feature apparel draping techniques. They ...

Leona Lewis loves her pink and black Deux Lux ruffle bucket bags

Leona Lewis may be a rising star but that doesn’t mean she’s let her fame go to her head. Or to her wallet. The British pop singer was spotted on multiple occassions with a girly, ruffled handbag in pink and black. Was it a Valentino? Nope. A Be & D? Guess again. Leona actually prefers Deux Lux, more…  Read More →
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