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Haute bag of the week: Stella McCartney Braided Faux Leather Clutch

We tend to think that Stella McCartney‘s accessories are just a wee bit overpriced (especially since they’re not made of leather), but we do admit the eco-friendly designer makes some awfully cute stuff. Like this Stella McCartney Braided Faux Leather Clutch. It reminds us of those old 70’s-style chairs we used to sit on at our aunt’s house when we were kids; with its braided, ...

Leona Lewis loves her pink and black Deux Lux ruffle bucket bags

Leona Lewis may be a rising star but that doesn’t mean she’s let her fame go to her head. Or to her wallet. The British pop singer was spotted on multiple occassions with a girly, ruffled handbag in pink and black. Was it a Valentino? Nope. A Be & D? Guess again. Leona actually prefers Deux Lux, more…  Read More →
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