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Haute or Not: Gwen Stefani’s New Little L.A.M.B.

Congrats Gwen! We hear that you and Gavin are expecting another ‘little lamb’ in the Stefani/Rossdale household. However, WTF is up with this new L.A.M.B. bag!?! The L.A.M.B. Bullseye Mandeville Satchel ($425) has a bullseye target with a lamb in the center and looks a bit ominous. Are we now condoning L.A.M.B. on lamb violence, Gwen? The bag itself is typical L.A.M.B. – the diamond ...

Haute or Not: Louis Vuitton Monogram Shearling

The House of Louis Vuitton never ceases to amaze me with all of the different ways they can stretch the LV logo. Just when you think it gets old, there’s a new group of handbags covered in the logo, yet they all seem to look different and new. Anyway, R&B songstress Ciara and MTV VJ LaLa were spotted at a game rockin’ matching Louis Vuitton Monogram Shearling bags (and similar overall ...

Haute or Not – Stella McCartney Metallic Patent Patchwork Tote

I’m typically not a huge fan of patchwork bags because they’re usually hideously ugly like this one and this one. But there’s something about this Metallic Patent Patchwork Tote ($1,195) by Stella McCartney that I kinda like. This flat tote has a cool mix of navy patent, blue, and metallic light and dark denim patches making up the body of the bag. The shape is a rounded tote with ...
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What A Joke!

Source The luxury houses seem to be on a downward spiral. Fendi is producing nothing buy fugly bags, and Louis Vuitton seems to be competing with them for the title. LV collaborated with controversial painter Richard Prince to create the ‘Joke’ Bag for it’s Spring ’08 runway show. This hideous python-trimmed bag, along with others from the show, feature a combination of Prince’s ...
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Haute or Not – Juicy Couture Georgia Patchwork Hobo

Juicy Couture bags have come a long way since terry cloth companions to the once ubiquitous sweatsuits. Lately, they’ve been much more toned down – simple leather satchels, hobos and totes, with a few Juicy details, like chains or charms. In my opinion, Juicy bags may never reach ‘It’ status, but the designs have been good enough to justify a purchase. However, this atrocity, ...
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Bottega Ve-NOT!

Haute or not? Maybe I don’t even have to ask – this is just hideous. I’m not a huge fan of Bottega Veneta’s woven bags but at least they’re somewhat classy. This ‘Limited Edition Snakeskin Bag’ looks like the leftover confetti scraped up from the streets in Times Square on New Year’s Eve regurgitated in the form of a purse. Every now and then it seems ...

Haute or Not: Michael by Michael Kors Bags

Damn Blogger! Their ‘spam-prevention robots’ locked my blog because they detected that characteristics of my blog resembled a spam blog! I’ve been doing this for a year and now I’m considered a spammer??? What’s up with that Blogger??? Since I’m already in a bad mood… Just a few months ago, I lauded the praises of Michael Kors. Now I’m considering taking ...
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Haute or Not: Tory Burch ‘Frida’ Canvas Tote

I never saw ‘Frida’ but I heard it was a great movie. Looking at this bag, I think it’s safe to assume that Tory Burch saw the film and was perhaps inspired by Mexican art. But is that really an excuse to design a hideous handbag? Her ‘Frida’ Canvas Tote is (I’m assuming), meant to have a Mexican feel, but it winds up looking cheap and tacky. It looks like a novelty ...

Haute or Not: Candela NYC Handbag

I adore handbags, I love Latin-flavor, and I like ponchos. But all in one? I’m not sure. The square shape of this hobo is refreshingly unique, and the chocolate brown leather against the Southwest-inspired color scheme is rich. However, the overall look is slightly dated, and the oversized belt closure is distracting. So what do you think: haute or not? ($363,  Read More →
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Haute or Not: Socoley Bucket Bag

Socoley is one of the hottest new emerging handbag designers. Their styles include everyday basics jazzed up with unusual details, and a signature flower buckle displayed on each bag. This Bucket Bag is a different take on the traditional, with the body vertically ruched, instead of standard horizontal ruching. Though the design is ambitious, the ruching makes the circumference of the bag appear to ...
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Haute or Not: Tano "Lhasa Apso" Handbag

I can’t figure out whether or not a bag named after a fluffy dog is a good or bag thing, especially when that bag is not a pet carrier. Anyway, this Lhasa Apso Hobo from Tano Handbags is available in a variety of colors. Created from glazed, distressed leather, it’s rich in color and in shape, and embellished with numerous oversized eyelets. I can’t decide whether the adornments complement the ...
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Haute or Not: Jana Feifer Silver Chain Hobo

Jana Feifer burst onto the handbag scene a mere 3 years ago, with her JAM by Jana Feifer initial bags. Celebrities like Oprah and Halle Berry were sported toting her bags, her line became an instant success. Jana Feifer has also become known for incorporating chain mail in her bags, like the Silver Chain Hobo ($395, pictured above). The matte silver leather is like muted foil, while the chain detail ...
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Haute or Not: Fur Louis Vuitton Bags

The infamous Louis Vuitton logo has been replicated in numerous forms – on the traditional brown canvas, imprinted on denim, graffitied, embossed patent leather, painted with original pop art, and now on fur. The Fall 2006 Collection features the Monogram Multicolore style imprinted on fur. Louis Vuitton is fast becoming the Donald Trump of the accessories world, plastering the brand’s name ...
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Haute or Not: Bracher Emden

Saddle shape, structured leather, unexpected color pairings, and a hefty price tag ($1095) – it’s all in the Able 02 Medium Breast Bag by Bracher Emden. The line boasts a celebrity following including Beyonce Knowles and Eva Longoria, but the handbags are an acquired taste. Adorned in leather, crystals, whipstitching, buckles and bells, the bags can be perceived as innovatively trendy or simply ...
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Haute or Not: Crescent Hobo

This tan Xhilaration Crescent Hobo is is classic in shape, but adorned with hanging metal coins. Does the trim ruin the simplicity of the bag, or perfectly offset it? Haute or not, it’s a steal at $11.99. So what do you think-chic or just cheap?  Read More →
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