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Take care of your (lamb)skin with Lovin My Bags

In the harsh winter, your skin isn’t the only thing that needs moisturizing. So do your leather and exotic skin bags! Maybe you got a new bag (or two) for the holidays, or maybe you have an old favorite you just can’t let go of. Either way your bag needs protection and Lovin My Bags is the answer. There are a few brands out there designed to protect leather but mostly they are made for ...

Gucci sucks – the conclusion

So a few weeks ago I shared with you my predicament about my Gucci bag. Some of you suggested that I take it to the nearest Gucci store and demand that they fix it, or at least resolve the problem somehow. I thought about Nordstrom’s alleged shoe policy, where if you purchase a pair of shoes, and they become defective, you can return them/exchange them for another pair at any time. So, I figured, ...
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