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Fendi Strikes Again

Now this blog is mainly reserved for haute handbags and purses, with the occasional fugly one, and some fabulous fashion. But leave it to Fendi to make me stray from my usual and report on the fugliest, most impractical designer shoes ever to walk the face of this earth. I ask once again, WTF FENDI??? I think someone at the House of Fendi is playing some cruel tricks on the fashion world, consistently ...

Dooney Downgrade

What happened to Dooney & Burke? When I was growing up, I dreamed of owning a Dooney bag. Although I owned numerous luxury brands and tons of other bags, I never purchased a Dooney. But I wanted one badly. The sturdy pebbled leather, contrasting smooth leather trim, and that duck logo always got me excited. But these new Dooneys make me depressed. Who in the world is designing this crap, and for ...
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Fendi, Is That You?

Since my love affair with Gucci has come to a screeching halt, I decided to turn to Fendi for my luxury needs. But then I realized that I now have a love/hate relationship with Fendi, that is, I love to hate their bags. I used to be a huge fan of Fendi growing up – I owned several double F logo bags – a cute black drawstring version, a thin strap shoulder bag, and others. But lately I’ve ...

What the Fendi?!?!

Oh, no! What in the world is this? It looks like some sort of 5th grade class project!!! Instructions class: take a brown paper bag, white construction paper, scissors and Elmer’s glue and create your own Fendi tote. What is it with high fashion designers thinking their brand name alone is enough to justify selling crap like this? Better yet, what makes them think they can sustain their name ...

Fashion Ransom

Dooney & Bourke is regressing in maturity. In an attempt to reach a younger audience, they have alienated long-time fans of the pebbled leather, duck-embossed handbags. This bag looks like a ransom note made up of letters cut-out of magazines. Should we alert the fashion police?  Read More →
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