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Behind the bag: the making of the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag

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Aside from the Hermes Birkin, Chanel 2.55 Flap bags are arguably the most coveted luxury bags on Earth! Like fine wines, Chanel bags only get better with age, thus the long waiting lists for new ones and quick sellouts on vintage ones. Trendland delves into the history behind Chanel bags and why they are so highly coveted, plus gives a peek at how the iconic 2.55 Flap bags are made. See more after the jump and read more on Trendland.

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In 1929 Mademoiselle Chanel was the first to introduce an elegant version of the shoulder bag. It did already exist, in the form of a large pouch with a wide strap, but was only used by members of the military on campaign. Women discovered, to their delight, that by using a thin strap they could walk around with their hands free. A new fashion was born. From then on, Mademoiselle Chanel constantly used this idea, until she eventually created the bag commonly known as the “2.55” (which is in fact its “date of birth”) in February 1955.

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To give it volume and shape – “it has to have body” she insisted – it was quilted in a diamond shaped pattern, using plain stitch, while on the garnet colored lining (the color of the uniform she wore in the orphanage) a double C is stitched like a coat of arms. Lastly, like an artists finishing touch, the rectangular clasp is gilted with gold, and the famous leather and chain shoulder strap slips easily through golden eyelets. Only details, perhaps, but nobody else had ever thought of the them. From then on the 2.55 became an integral part of the legend of CHANEL. Today it is considered a classic amongst leather goods: It is one of the accessories that every elegant woman must own.

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All images via Trendland

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