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Keeping up with the Kardashians…shopping sprees

kim-kardashian-kris-jenner spend $100,000 at hermes in paris france and shopping in milan italyAs much as we hate to admit it, we’re Kardashian/Jenner fans. That said, we still don’t get why they’re as famous as they are, but that’s neither here nor there. Kim and Kris, her mom, (or fourth sister as she sometimes tries to be), went on a major shopping spree in Paris, seemingly trying to beat Victoria Beckham‘s record for the most Birkins owned and/or money spent at Hermes. Allegedly, Kim and Kris dropped $100,000 on Hermes bags. Their rep is denying it, but there’s no denying these ladies love to shop. They were also spotted out with Chanel‘s on their arms, dropping some cash in Cesare Paciotti today in Milan, Italy. A life full of international shopping sprees – wouldn’t you like to live that way, if you were a rich woman raking in the dough?

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