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Review: Project Runway winner Chloe Dao’s Nuo Tech bags

abstract floral Chloe Dao for Nuo satchelWe all have our favorite designer on each season of Project Runway and on the second season, Chloe Dao was certainly our fave. She won us over with her pleasant demeanor and interesting upbringing and background while wowing us with her unique patternmaking skills and simplistic yet sophisticated designs. Chloe’s clothes always seemed to fit perfectly and looked as if they would flatter the widest range of body types. We became die-hard fans and when she won, we were excited to see what she would do next.

Since then, she’s had a number of collaborations, and of course she still designs for her store, Lot 8, but one of her most recent collabos really caught our interest. Dao was tapped by Nuo Tech, an industry leading manufacturer of stylish laptop bags, messenger bags, briefcases and mobile technology cases, to design her own line of laptop bags. The result is the Dao Chloe Dao for Nuo Collection featuring a rolling laptop brief, a slim laptop brief, a flip tote, a mini backpack, 20″ carry-on trolley, over the shoulder satchel and a netbook envelope clutch covered in funky colors, graphic prints and geometric shapes. Prices start at $24.99.

Chloe Dao commented, “I design for working men or women like myself – professionals who do not want to sacrifice style for function. The Dao Chloe Dao Collection has the best of both worlds. I am a woman that is always on the go, literally. It has been wonderful to be able to work with Nuo to design accessories that are functional and fashionable that help me navigate my busy life with style.

We took this abstract floral Chloe Dao for Nuo satchel out for a spin for a few days and loved it. Most laptop bags we’ve carried weigh more than the computer itself! But not this one – it’s super lightweight but still durable enough to protect your laptop. It’s also made of a durable, water-resistant polyester material. There are tons of pockets – and we mean TONS! They’re called Chloe’s ‘signature exterior kangaroo organizer’ pockets, and the best part is that they’re concealed so they don’t look bulky and obvious, but still are deep enough to store things safely and smoothly. There are two front pockets which could easily fit a water bottle, umbrella or other cylindrical-shaped object, a large rear opening with Velcro closure, and a horizontal zip pocket at the bottom which opens so you can easily slide the bag onto your luggage handle. Brilliant! Inside there’s a waterproof nylon lining, extra padding to further protect your computer and a cell phone pockets, pen and pencil storage and an additional pocket. The bag fits average 15.6″ screen laptops. There’s a 14″ handle which is the perfect size – not so long that it swings around every time you move, and not so short that it hurts the underarm.

Aside from the practicality, and more importantly, the bags come in a variety of cute prints – geometric shapes, abstract florals, and even lipstick prints. So they are quite fun as well as functional! Actually, they’re so cute you might even want to take them for a spin – without your laptop! As usual, Chloe thought of all the details – fun, feminine, functional. That’s why we love her. And these Dao Chloe Dao for Nuo bags.

Check them out at Nuo Tech or at Lot8 Online

abstract floral Chloe Dao for Nuo satchel abstract floral Chloe Dao for Nuo satchel abstract floral Chloe Dao for Nuo satchel

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4 responses to "Review: Project Runway winner Chloe Dao’s Nuo Tech bags"

  1. Cheryl Bemis says:

    Chloe gave me and my business partner two bags to carry our laptops and camera equipment for New York Fashion Week. I was skeptical because I am VERY hard on bags and had just bought a VERY expensive video camera. The bags got banged up on subways, through two snow storms and slush but all our equipment was untouched.

    Chloe is a fantastic person and designer. We have enjoyed writing and covering her success…sounds like you had an equally pleasant experience. Nuo is based here in Austin and are truly a pleasure to work with as well.

    Cheryl Bemis
    Fashion Reporter

  2. Cheryl Bemis says:

    Let me claify “banged up”.

    We trucked through subways, stairs, trains, taxis, airports, through two snow storms and slush and all our equipment was untouched AND the fabric was waterproof and took an incredible beating. I still carry my bag and it still looks great. WOW! We were very pleased.

  3. Ehmonie Hainey says:

    Thanks for sharing Cheryl! I’ve always been a fan of Chloe since Project Runway and her collection for Nuo is great! The bag I got is durable and lightweight and is good for protecting electronics. This past Fashion Week was pretty nasty so if Chloe’s bags could handle that, they can ‘weather’ any weather!

  4. Felipe Munoz says:


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