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Bag Lady: Knock it Off

Zibba Marie Slouchy Zipper HandbagEverywhere I turn, I’m reminded of the financial crisis our economy is in. My dearest friends have been laid-off, their savings depleting by the second and things are not looking up just yet. Last week, two of my colleagues were “let go”, due to the loss of a major account. If this wasn’t a wake-up call I don’t know what was. I made a pact with myself; no more frivolous spending. Who was I kidding? I scratched that notion off my list and made an offer I should have refused.

In order to start saving for potential rainy days, one must have the proper tools. How can I even attempt to adhere to my new pact without a new wallet? My eye was on Prada’s Saffiano Leather Continental Walleticon for over a year but, a little birdie told me I could get a knock-off for less than $60. Instead of flagging a cab, the new me decided on taking the N train downtown.

Ten minutes and two panhandlers later, a wave of guilt passed through my body like a bolt of lightning. How could I jeopardize my integrity for something so heinous? Yeah, so I frequent not so legal underground events for designer bags. I might even overdraft my checking account to satisfy my needs but, I have to take a stand on something that affects thousand of handbags waiting to be purchased. One must imagine a slouchy hobo sitting waiting for their new owner to pick them up or a slick satchel anticipating a new closet to call it home.

I felt very proud of myself walking towards the Intermix cashier with my Zibba in tow. Rescuing a purse is such an honorable thing to do. Hey, in this economy, a savings is a savings.

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