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Bag lady: Secret Society

Balenciaga Arena City green leather handbagI had to leave work early. Of course, I told my supervisor I had a doctor’s appointment. I lied. It was the last Monday of the year and for those who don’t know what that means, I truly feel sorry for you. I am honored to be a member of an exclusive insiders club. We only meet once a year at top secret locations. The last email I received stated to be there on time and alone due to an alleged leak.

I read off the instructions to the cab driver from my Blackberry. Time was on my side but, one can’t be too safe. I instructed him to drop me off two blocks before my destination, for when they say come alone, they mean come alone.

After two knocks, a secret password and my yearly initiation fee, I was in. I nearly passed out when I entered the abandoned loft. It was like I died and went to Neiman’s, but this was even better because a select few and I had dibs on bags that hadn’t even hit the selling floors! There was some fairly new stuff along with classics like the Chanel Flap Bag and the Balenciaga Arena City.

Thirty minutes later the last call bell rang, and that was our warning sign to hurry up or get left with nothing. There was an altercation in the front of the line – this always happens. Someone forgets that this is a cash-only event and begs them to let her run out and go to the ATM. Security is alerted and she is thrown out. Most likely she will be banned from future events.

After my 45 minute rush, my head was spinning and I could barely flag a cab. I decided to walk a couple of blocks where more cabs are visible. My driver took a glance at all my bags and asked me “Is there a new shopping area around?” I faintly replied, “It’s a secret.”

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2 responses to "Bag lady: Secret Society"

  1. Camille says:

    Girl, I know what you mean…I’m always finding an excuse to leave work to hit up a major sale! lol

  2. Olivia says:

    I think we’ve all been here!

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