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Balmain drops the ball on its handbag collection

For all their drool-worthy blazers, jeans and shoes, Balmain really dropped the ball when it came to their introductory line of handbags. For a brand that is all about edge, we were expecting something waaaay edgier than this:
Balmain Leo Swarovski crystal bag Punk suede studded bag Original leather fringed bag
Net-a-Porter offers three Balmain handbag styles: the Balmain Leo Swarovski crystal bagicon, Balmain original leather fringed bagicon and the Balmain punk suede studded bagicon, and all of them are pretty pathetic. The first two are simple flap messenger styles, the third – a ‘fringed’ flap messenger. There’s nothing innovative about the styles, trims, designs – nothing! A bit of studs thrown here and there, some sparse fringe trim, that’s all. Who knew Balmain could disappoint? Guess no one’s perfect.

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