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Gucci Medium Crystal Lame Boston Bag

Gucci Joy Medium Crystal Lame Boston BagI swore I’d never promote a Gucci bag again after this and this but I’m a sucker for the double GG’s, despite the sucky construction of some of their bags. So I’m hesitantly admitting that I like Gucci’s Joy Medium Crystal Lame Boston Bag. It’s a great day bag, especially for the iffy fall weather. The exterior lame coated canvas protects your things against the rain but the leather trim keeps it from being too casual. The double handles have a 4″ drop and there’s a top zipper closure. The bag measures 13.6″ X 10.6″ X 7.6″. I probably would never spend my money on another Gucci, solely based on principle, but it’s a nice bag for the price of $655, if you’re so inclined to buy. Maybe you’ll have better luck then I did. It is, after all, covered canvas so it might withstand everyday wear better than my plain old canvas Gucci did.

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4 responses to "Gucci Medium Crystal Lame Boston Bag"

  1. Staci says:

    I love it! I’m a sucker for Gucci too!

  2. Adrienne says:

    I was considering buying this bag, now I am tornb/c of your article. Even though you give it props your comments on the construction worry me….what to do! Thanks E!

  3. Ehmonie Hainey says:

    Adrienne, I will always hold a special plce in my heart for Gucci; however, after that experience and the poor customer service I received, I can’t say I would ever buy another Gucci bag. Especially when their are so many other luxury brands to choose from that have better quality AND service. But they are at least fun to look at!

  4. Staci says:

    One of the stylist at the hair salon had the same bag! Seeing it up close made me want to go and get one for myself!!

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