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Bag Lady: More baggage than I can handle

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Be & D Garbo studded convertible tote
My feet hurt. I have been walking around all day for my next fix. I never thought it would get to this point. I almost bought the infamous Louis Vuitton Speedy 35! Clearly, I wasn’t thinking because I haven’t had a good meal in months. I opened my Rebecca Minkoff hobo and ripped open a Snickers bar with my teeth. A boost of temporary energy shot through my body and just like that I was able to focus. You see, I had important decisions to make – purchase my latest obsession, the Jimmy Choo Ramona studded leather bagicon or a more economical purchase, the studded Be & D Garbo Convertible Toteicon. I found myself outside Saks pacing back and forth. I looked like a crazy women, I laughed out loud when a homeless woman offered me her catch of the day. Quite honestly, I almost took her up on her offer.

Feeling good about myself, I decided to go with Be & D Garbo. I would save about $1,500 and that meant I could get enough groceries to fill my belly, a few items at Forever 21 and hit the scene with the girls. As soon as I was about to make a mental grocery list, the salesgirl (she was new) said they were sold out. I had an option to write my name down on the waiting list, but that could take weeks! I needed my fix now, Jimmy was the man that could cure what ailed me.

Walking out of Saks has always been a euphoric occasion for me. This one was like no other. I passed the generous homeless woman and was tempted to ask for her leftovers. I quickly got that picture out of my head. I wouldn’t want to get any grease on my new bag!

I wonder what number I am on the waiting list and how many Snickers bars I will have to eat…

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  1. kesha lawson says:

    I Loooooove Rebecca Minkoff!!! Bag Lady, you know your bags!

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