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Not Haute: the See by Chloé Oversized Denim Slouchy hobo

Not Haute - the See by Chloé Oversized denim slouchy hobo

Designers are insistent on bringing back tacky trends that should have never been popular in the first place. Jelly shoes. Stirrup pants. Venetian blinds sunglasses. And stonewashed denim. The fashions are bad enough – but to incorporate these trends into a handbag is even worse. Meet the terribly tacky See by Chloé Oversized denim slouchy hobo. It’s bad enough that the design of the bag looks like an 8th grade sewing project, but it has that stupid dangling embossed leather logo that I hate (but at least it is detachable), and combines two of the worst ’80’s trends – oversized bangles and stonewashed denim! I’m cringing just looking at it.

This blue denim slouchy shoulder bag has white acrylic cuffs on the sides of the shoulder straps, a front zipped compartment, and a top zip. There’s really no words to describe it except tacky, cheap and ugly. If you’re a sucker for bad fashion and even worse design, shell out your $595 for this bag at

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