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Haute or Not: the Zambos & Siega Umbrella Purse

Zambos & Siega Umbrella Purse

It seems like every handbag designer’s mantra these days is ‘fashion meets function’. So knowing that I shouldn’t have been taken aback when I first saw this Zambos & Siega Umbrella Purse. The bag itself is a plain, boxy satchel made of wrinkled patent leather. And yes, it’s practical. There’s always that one day when it rains and you left your umbrella at home so if you’re toting this bag around on a rainy day, you’re in luck! But do you really want to carry around a tote bag with an umbrella sticking out one end on a daily basis? It’s one of those handbags that’s fun to look at and talk about but not one you’d really want to carry. I personally can’t imagine carrying this on a New York subway, banging my umbrella bag into everyone. But would you carry it? Would you buy one?

$247.50, shopbop

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