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Haute or Not: the Marni Triangle Slouchy Hobo

Marni Triangle Slouchy Hobo
I’m loving maroon/red/burgundy colored bags for the fall and winter. The rich, deep red hues add a nice burst of color but not so bright that it looks harsh. At first glance, I was taken with this Marni Triangle slouchy hobo. When viewed from the side, the bag has some appeal with its gathered side seams and brick red colored leather. But straight on, the bag is a bit strange. The triangle shape is almost too perfect so that it no longer looks like a bag, but just a slouchy geometry shape. And the mini contrast leather top handles look impractical and silly. So, in reality, you can’t carry a bag only on its side. So is it haute enough that you want it, or do you just want to pass on it?

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1 response to "Haute or Not: the Marni Triangle Slouchy Hobo"

  1. Crystal says:

    NOT HAUTE! I do not like this bag. Color is ugly, shape it weird, although could look better in a different color and material.

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