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Zimmermann Stud Bag

 Zimmermann Stud Bag

I can’t decide whether or not this Zimmermann Stud Bag bag looks like some sort of Woodstock-inspired wrecking ball, or an S&M torture device, or just a really cool bag. Honestly, it looks like it should be attached to a stick and used to swing around and beat someone with, but there’s something about it that also makes me want to swing it on my shoulder. Maybe it’s the silk tie-dyed fabric peeking out from behind the cover of crisscrossed leather banding interspersed with studs. Or maybe it’s the ball-shaped body and long swingy handle. Or maybe it’s the overall cool factor of this Australian-styled, edgy bag that can also double as a weapon. Whatever it is, the uniqueness just can’t be beat. (Pun intended).

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  1. mel says:

    I love and own this bag; it’s quite unstructured and the leather is actually dark blue.

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