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Versace ‘Kiss Print’ Shopper

Just last week I applauded Versace for re-building its brand, by toning down the tacky and designing more mature and chic handbags and accessories. It appears I spoke too soon. I just came across the most tacky Versace item I have seen in a while – the Versace ‘Kiss Print’ Shopper. As much as the original Versace Kiss Crocodile Shopper was a beauty, the print version is absolutely horrid. This bag sent Versace back a good ten, twenty years. This is something I would have expected in the 80’s maybe, even into the 90’s when tacky was still taking over the fashion world. But in 2008? I don’t think so. Obviously, while everyone else’s taste levels have gone up, Versace still remains in the past. The fabric on the bag, which makes up most of the body, is printed with an array of scenes from Italy, making it look more like one of those Mona Lisa reproduction print totes you would find in the Italian airport gift shop and not at all from a high-end Italian luxury brand. The hot pink leather trim is screaming at me and mixed with the print it is all too much. Nordstrom describes it as ‘a statement-making shopper’. Yeah, and that statement would be ‘I have bad taste!’ Ugh!

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