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Miu Miu Cutout Bowling bag

Miu Miu Cutout Bowling bag
Don’t you just hate when designers take things literally? Just because it is called a ‘bowling bag’ doesn’t mean it should really look like one! This has to be the first time I’ve been disappointed with a Miu Miu handbag. Usually I find them stunning, though incredibly simple, but still beautifully crafted and designed. But this hideous creation looks like something you might find in a sporting goods store and carried in a bowling alley by a guy named Bernie. It’s not at all ‘luxury’. The Miu Miu Cutout bowling bag is described as ‘retro chic’ and ‘mod’ but to be real, it’s just plain wretched. The bag is a horrid combination of cream, brown and black leather, with circular cutouts that somehow make the black leather appear as vinyl. The cutouts coupled with the cream leather paneling is meant to have a vintage, mod feel but the result is a simple, cheap-looking bowling bag that you’d store your bowling balls in, and not one you’d carry around proudly.

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