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Alexander McQueen ‘Blow’ oversized hobo bag

Alexander McQueen 'Blow' oversized hobo bag
Designers are struggling to come up with something new in their bag of tricks. That must be why the Alexander McQueen Blow oversized hobo bag looks suspiciously familiar, a lot like last year’s ‘It’ bag, the YSL Patent tribute Flat Tote. I guess the popularity of the Tribute propelled other designers to sit up and take notice. And while a little creative competition is always exciting, outright copying is just not haute. The two bags looked so similar I wondered why it had McQueen’s name when it was obviously a new version of the Tribute (or so I thought). But even though it is a downright duplicate, I prefer the ‘Blow’. Why, you ask? Well I love the rounded, hobo shape, the gold hinge hardware on the rounded straps, and the two side zips. The ‘Tribute’ looks more like your basic work bag; the ‘Blow’ is more versatile.

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