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Muxo launch at Kitson Studios

Camila Alves at Muxo Launch at Kitson Studios

Model and designer Camila Alves, along with baby daddy Matthew McConaughey and baby were at the Kitson Studio in Los Angeles to unveil her Muxo handbag line. Muxo, which means “Goddess of the Water” is a collection of fairly nice, handcrafted leather bags but that one on her shoulder is hideous. Leather fringe is one of those horrible trends that many designers seem desperate to resurrect but this is clear evidence and proof on why that just should not happen. Alves ruined a perfectly fab white dress with thie stringy mess of a bag on her shoulder. I mean really, was that meant to be a joke – some sort of gag bag? Personally I like the rest of the Muxo handbag collection. Luckily Camila’s fugly bag isn’t part of it.

Camila Alves at Muxo Launch at Kitson Studios

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