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Get Your Fashion and Accessories Fix with the new!

To everyone who entered, please email with your email address so I can contact the winner. Thanks!

SoapNet logo
For me, shopping is escapism. Buying new stuff makes me feel so relaxed and free. Same goes for soap operas. Yes, I am a soap addict as much as I’m a handbag addict. I especially love new episodes of daytime soaps like Days of Our Lives, and reruns of primetime classics like Melrose Place and 90210, so SoapNet naturally is one of my favorite stations. And now they’ve got a new website – with the same great soaps and now beauty, fashion and entertainment news! The new SoapNet is “a one-stop destination to indulge your passion for television drama, celebrity life, glamour and style.”

To celebrate the launch of the new site, SoapNet has partnered with What’s Haute to give away some cool stuff including:

-a Marc Jacobs wallet
-Barney’s Co-Op giftcards
-iTunes giftcards
-Pinkberry giftcards
-SoapNet T shirts

Want to win? Here’s what you need to do:

-Visit the new
-Leave a comment about the new SoapNet or about your favorite soap in the comments section below!

Winners will be randomly selected. Contest ends 11:59 pm, August 31, 2008.

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11 responses to "Get Your Fashion and Accessories Fix with the new!"

  1. mlt2120 says:

    I love the new website. The layout is fun and the content is so interesting. It makes me even more excited for the new season of ‘Gossip Girl.’ I can’t wait!

    Please pick me! I read this blog every day! – Melissa

  2. Jessica Rae says:

    I love how even the fonts on the page are stylish. I like to put soaps on because everyone is always wearing such fabulous outfits and accessories.

  3. Minnie says:

    The website is full of great images and eye-catching headlines, while also being completely user-friendly and organized. It is very well-designed and has a professional, yet fun appearance.

    What a coincidence! I had been scouting for the PERFECT Marc Jacobs wallet on eBay!

  4. guill888 says:

    I am a General Hospital fanatic! I think I have been watching it from the start (too long, maybe? LOL). Thanks for the giveaway – the redesigned SoapNet is terrific!

  5. Maria P. says:

    I like how it’s clean and uncluttered – easy to navigate. (I like THIS blog, too! )

  6. dreh312 says:

    I know Passions’ run finally ended, but it should still be on the front page of SoapNet! That was the greatest soap opera since Barnabas Collins terrorized the cast of Dark Shadows. Passions brought back the delightfully campy fantasy of Dark Shadows with the abs of Galen Gering.

    Perhaps a Marc Jacobs wallet would ease my sorrow…

  7. Irma says:

    I really like how they let you scroll through the characters when you are on a particular show’s page. The whole site is very nicely re-done.

  8. mfsabre says:

    I just love the new SoapNet! It’s clean and easy to get around in. Easy to find my favorite show, The Young and the Restless and catch up on things.

  9. skissorzofdoom says: is great because it’s more than just an extended TVGuide. It has interesting gossip, compelling headlines, and a growing web community. Tres cool.

  10. equis says:

    i definitely love how much information soapnet puts right at your fingertips. A nice comprehensive list of soaps, both old and new – and a couple of shows I love I never considered soaps! Cool!

  11. LaCouturier says:

    i love the black and gray; these colors are the epitome of chic!

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