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Fake Handbags Are Never in Fashion…

No this is not another post about Louis Vuitton bags. This is about spending your time and energy on creative pursuits only to have someone come in and steal your work. Just like fake, knockoff handbags, plagiarism is never in fashion. Lately I’ve discovered that other ‘bloggers’ – and I use that term loosely, as real bloggers, editors and journalists understand the writing code – have been stealing my images and posts (from my blog, handbag magazine and fashion/lifestyle magazine) and re-posting them on their site as fresh, new content. I know this is not a new, unique problem but it’s happening to me more and more and while some think I should feel flattered that my work is theft-worthy, it’s incredibly frustrating to me to see my hard work stolen. I understand how designers, artists and any other creative types feel when they discover that someone else ‘repurposed’ their work for their own benefit. It’s simply wrong. It’s certainly not what’s haute. Some may say ‘It’s just blogging, it’s no big deal.” But this is my work, whether or not one considers it frivolous – it’s my thoughts, my creative process, my output, and my time. It belongs to me. Now let’s see if this post winds up on another ‘bloggers’ site.

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4 responses to "Fake Handbags Are Never in Fashion…"

  1. Katie says:

    I’ve actually noticed that. You’re always the first blog I check before checking all the other feeds and I have seen your work on their sites. Yours is the best though. Keep it up. Don’t get annoyed or discouraged!

  2. Haute Girl says:

    thanks katie, i appreciate that! it gets frustrating sometimes but it’s good to know that my readers recognize and respect my content and voice.

  3. Emily says:

    Give me a break – people should be spending their money on more important things than a bag over $25! There are people starving in the streets and you are encouraging people to spend their money on stupid things that their only purpose is to make other people envy them!

  4. Ehmonie Hainey says:

    Emily, did you actually read the post? It’s not about encouraging people to spend over $25 on a bag – it’s about other bloggers stealing your work.

    and knockoff bags cost a lot more than $25, by the way…

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