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WTF, WTF, WTF??? A DIY Fendi Baguette

Wow. A Fendi that has left me absolutely speechless. Perhaps the folks at Fendi have been reading What’s Haute and my thoughts on their awful design so they’ve decided to leave the designing up to us. I guess a Fendi I paint myself would look a lot better than most of their recent creations, but honestly, didn’t we stop the paint-by-number activities at age five? And I thought Color-Me-Mine was only for kids birthday parties and retirees, not luxury handbag shoppers. So Fendi, a luxury house mind you, thought it was a brilliant idea to create a do-it-yourself bag. The Fendi Artist Baguette is literally a blank canvas baguette that comes with a paint set for the arts-and-crafter in you. But why does Fendi think that anyone in their right mind would pay $1300 for an artists canvas you can buy for $19.99 at Michael’s? The Fendi fug train just keeps getting worse and worse. Who’s making the artistic decisions over there? Come on Fendi…stop the madness!

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