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Weekly WTF: Chloe Multicolor Saskia Clutch

I’m seriously thinking about starting a Weekly ‘WTF’ category on What’s Haute because for every six gorgeous bags, there’s one that makes you scratch your head, turn up your nose and say, “What the f–k?” This Chloe Saskia clutch (€ 995) fits into that category perfectly. I give Chloe credit for originality but this bag is comical at best. It looks cartoonish, and the soft leather colored flaps resemble some sort of impressionist art piece, like the soft clocks in Salvador Dali’s ” The Persistence of Memory“. Dali is one of my favorite artists so Chloe might take that as a compliment but it’s not. The multiple, multicolored flaps are ugly, out of place and simply pointless. And the boxy shape with that thick leather handle is just weird. I don’t know what else to say Chloe, this is one strange bag.

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  1. i like Chloe Multicolor Saskia Clutch.

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