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Fendi’s Got a Dead Peacock on their Hands…

Fendi Peacock Evening
Somehow I knew that when I started singing the praises of Fendi, it wouldn’t take long before they started churning out crap bags again. What the fug is this? I am so disgusted I don’t even know where to begin. The Fendi Peacock Evening “To You” Bag ($1,680) is definitely not “For Me”. There’s simulated peacock feathers, plus metallic leather, plus jeweled acrylic plus Fendi’s handbag design team which altogether equals too much crap and one ugly bag. This silver bag with leather feathers and shiny plastic looks like a reject project from a kid’s arts and crafts class. The worst part of this bag is that it converts into a clutch, which makes it look like you’re holding the remains of a dead silver peacock in your hand (that is, if peacocks were silver, and made of metallic leather). Not cute, Fendi. Not cute at all.

Fendi Peacock Evening

If you’re a glutton for fugly bags, check out more Fendi Handbags at eLuxury.

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