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I’m Fuming Over Fendi

I really think Fendi continues to create crap just to piss me off. How many times do I have to ask “what the Fendi?” This bag looks like an explosion of confetti, reptile, Fendi jacquard, and paint scrapings. Someone please tell me why Fendi continues to:

1. Design crap?
2. Try to sell said crap to the buying public?
3. Parade celebrities around with crap to fool buying public into thinking it’s really hot?
4. Snub their noses at consumers by putting crap on the market and labeling it as ‘luxury’?
5. Increase the prices astronomically season after season?

My mom asked me to buy her a Fendi bag for Christmas but after this and this and this and this, I don’t think I can find one simple and chic enough to satisfy her clean, classic style, nor do I want to support Fendi when they are clearly taunting me season after season. Oh Fendi, when will your classic, brilliant design sensibility return?

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2 responses to "I’m Fuming Over Fendi"

  1. Patricia says:

    love this bag and not only because my favourite singer beyoncé has one (
    Just discoveder your site. I love it!!!

  2. Dania P. says:

    You summed it up perfectly. I couldn’t agree more. This is superfug in the worst way imaginable. Sometimes I feel the folks at the House of Fendi are having one big laugh at our expense with “expense” being the operative word.

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