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Haute or Not – Stella McCartney Metallic Patent Patchwork Tote

I’m typically not a huge fan of patchwork bags because they’re usually hideously ugly like this one and this one. But there’s something about this Metallic Patent Patchwork Tote ($1,195) by Stella McCartney that I kinda like. This flat tote has a cool mix of navy patent, blue, and metallic light and dark denim patches making up the body of the bag. The shape is a rounded tote with double rolled handles, curvy, overlaid top/side zippered pockets and dangling SM charms. I love the glossy sheen of the bag, and the fact that it is eco-friendly is an added bonus. The more I look at it, the more I love it.

What do you think? Haute or not?

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3 responses to "Haute or Not – Stella McCartney Metallic Patent Patchwork Tote"

  1. d. chedwick bryant says:

    i like it, but wouldn’t buy it due to the price. also it looks shiny… but the style is cute

  2. d. chedwick bryant says:

    well, let’s just say I never got on well with patent leather. just not 4 me.

  3. d. chedwick bryant says:

    you know, the shine may be what makes the patchwork look better–I’m rethinking patent leather.
    sorry to comment 3x instead of one.

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