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Zac Posen’s ‘Hot Dog’ Handbag

Why oh why did a brilliant designer like Zac Posen create this hideous bag? He’s the king of brilliantly draped dresses and one of the few designers whose entire debut handbag line impressed me, and now he has ruined it all with this! Is it a hot dog or a handbag? The bag might actually be cute if it were a wristlet or even a handheld clutch, but the oversized handles throw it off completely. And the patent strap that comes over the bag is also way too long – it almost wraps around the entire bag! The proportions are totally off and for a designer who seems to understand body proportions so well, I am extremely disappointed with this purse. The price for this hot dog handbag: $1,100!!! My advice is take the money and go buy some Zac Posen ready-to-wear now available at

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6 responses to "Zac Posen’s ‘Hot Dog’ Handbag"

  1. Kira Fashion says:

    your bags are amazing, i just added you to mine FF

    a kiss

  2. coco says:

    I love zac posen but this bag looks like a pencil case in my opinion

  3. TravelDiva says:

    I LOVE this bag. Have been eyeing it for a minute. This blog is after my heart. I must add it to CITC’s favorite links!

  4. Aretha says:

    Hi! I like your blog I will add you to my links
    I think this bag is too funny to wear it haha
    I love the Sienna bag and of course, the Birkin bag

    Greetings from Martirio’s Way!

  5. Patent Shoes && Rants says:

    What was he thinking?

    When I first saw the bag I almost let out my fruit that I had just ate. I hate hotdogs and that bag.

    Gosh but I do love me some Zac Posen.


  6. Eli says:

    What a strange bag, not practical whatsoever.

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