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Acne’s Three in One Bag for All Seasons

I’ve always wondered why a clothing line would be named after a disgusting skin condition but then I just figured people were running out of clever names to use. So when I saw the Acne Jeans Season Bag, I almost clicked past it just out of sheer disgust over the name. But my curiosity got the better of me. Then I discovered that Acne isn’t referring to that nasty skin condition after all, but it stands for “Ambition to Create Novel Expression”. Oh. Well anyway, the bag is really cool. Even though it’s quilted, it’s anti-Chanel style quilting – large and irregularly done. The bag is large – 19″x10″x18″, and has not one, not two, but three handle options – short, medium and long giving you a wristlet, tote bag and messenger all in one. I wouldn’t normally recommend a non-leather bag for the price of $299, but think of it as three bags in one!

Get it at Tobi

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