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And The Fendi Fug Goes On…

One thing I can always count on is my love hate affair with Fendi. Fendi always gets me up, and then always lets me down. I so long for the days when ‘Fendi’ wasn’t synonymous with ‘fugly’; the days of the classic double F’s, the simple striped shoulder bags, and high quality leather. Now it seems Fendi is on a quest to outdo itself with ugly bags, season after season. Here’s what I found for Fall:

Clockwise from top left
To You Embellished Convertible Bag, $5,040
Large Sequin Spy Bag, $4,890
Raffia Chef Bag, $880
Forever Sequined Borsa, $760

Are you kidding with these bags Fendi? As a handbag designer/buyer/addict and Fendi owner, I am so disappointed with these pieces of scrap leather and fabric you call luxury handbags. And I can’t even believe you expect anyone to pay these prices for such non-luxurious items. I continue to ask, what has become of Fendi and what will become of Fendi? I can’t imagine that anyone in their right mind would find any of this crap appealing enough to buy, let alone carry, but I guess a bag is a bag, so if you build it give it away, they will carry it:

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