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Would You Pay $30,000 for a Coach?


A good friend of mine is totally addicted to Coach – bags, shoes, accessories – you name it. We were perusing the website today and discovered that Coach has two new bags priced at $30,000 and $20,000. Now I’m a firm believer in buying a good quality bag and I own two leather Coach bags that have stood the test of time, but I can’t imagine paying that much for a Coach. I never associated the Coach name with luxury, so it’s hard to justify a purchase like that (if I even had the money to spend). When I think of overpriced bags, I first think of the Hermes Birkin, which almost might be worth the high price simply because it’s a status symbol, and then think of some of the top luxury designer’s bags (Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton) that release limited edition bags that are highly coveted, AND lustworthy. The Coach, however, is neither. It’s not bad for an alligator bag, but just not spectacular enough to justify that price. I’ve seen much more creative and more beautiful alligator bags from designers like Nancy Gonzalez and B. Romanek that are at most, a few thousand dollars. So I don’t see the worth here. Do you?


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1 response to "Would You Pay $30,000 for a Coach?"

  1. XeniaKerimov says:

    i would definitely NOT

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