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I Think I’ve Seen This Bag Before

It’s time for a new style. Anna Corinna pioneered it, Ferragamo perfected it, others copied it, but I thought we moved past it. ‘It’ is the fold over bag. The Anna Corinna City Tote was one of the hottest bags last season. Now Michael Kors is trying his own version. Granted, his is a bit different; it looks slightly more complicated, but pretty much the same style overall.

His Fold-Over Shoulder Bag is actually a double-shoulder bag, with a detachable long strap and two knotted top handles. When you drop the top handles over the sides, the bag resembes a miniature box, and is actually kinda cute. If it was the first time I saw this style, I might really like it, but since it’s the 1468th version I’ve seen over the past year, I’m getting tired of it. Designers, can you come up with a new style please?

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  1. Josly says:

    i just bought like this one. the price is just marvelous. i highly suggest it.

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