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Barney’s Baffling Bags

I’m all for uniqueness, especially in fashion. But Barney’s selection of CO-OP bags are just plain odd. I found three that were especially perplexing:

Jas MB’s Limited Edition Hobo is the least expensive of the three (on sale for $339), but equally strange. Why, oh why would anyone want top handles on a hobo? Why would you even want to carry it that way? Isn’t the whole point of the hobo’s shoulder strap so that you can leave your hands free?

The Bing Bang Ruched Leather Messenger is a normal bag, if you ignore the bottom flaps sticking out of either side that are buckled to flaps attached to the chain handle of the bag. Whew…That sounded odd just explaining it. Anyway, the edges appear to have the ability to unbuckle, leaving more room on the sides, but really, what would you put there? Spare change? Socks? I’m baffled. And $745 is quite a bit of money for a bizarre bag.

Sissi Rossi’s Medium Maxi is a satchel with short handles (a la the Louis Vuitton Speedy), except in my opinion, the handles go the wrong way, and are way too short. How in the world are you supposed to carry this bag? And then they placed the zipper directly in the middle, meaning your forearm will rest directly over it, so that you’ll never be able to comfortably and easily retrieve your stuff. Huh? At $775, you won’t have any money left to retrieve though…

Check out more baffling bags at Barney’

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