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Marc-y Marc’s 18th Century Mistake

Louis Vuitton has so many fugly bags coming down the pipe I don’t know where to begin. The
Someone should tell Marc Jacobs that 18th century lace has its place in fashion, and that place is not on a Louis Vuitton bag. And if you’re going to use something a delicate as lace, don’t add a chunky gold chain and thick brown leather strap. This bag is just wrong on so many levels. Including the £1,220 price tag.

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4 responses to "Marc-y Marc’s 18th Century Mistake"

  1. Karinaxoxo says:



  2. sloane says:

    DAMN!! that is most unspeakably ugly thing…

  3. Señora Cartera... says:

    A spot-on review. I haven’t had the stomach to do my own. It’s just such an offense to LV collectors and serious handbag lovers everywhere. Thank you for sparing me the task.

  4. Farennikov says:

    you can feed 12 african children for the price of that bag… it’s sick

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