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Snoop’s Got My Bag!

Though his overall style may be questionable, his handbag is to die for. After my Gucci letdown, and my recent disappointments in Fendi, I’ve been checking out Louis Vuitton to fulfill some of my luxury needs.

I have wanted to buy the Monogram Canvas ‘Speedy’ for several years now but it seems like EVERYONE and their mother owns one, and if I’m going to pay over $600 for one, I want some sort of exclusivity. The Damier Canvas ‘Speedy’ is a slightly less ubiquitous LV purse, and the checkerboard pattern is a nice switch from the usual LV logos. I think it has a bit more class than the Monogram version, and is knocked off less. What do you think? Should I buy the Damier Speedy?

On another note, who in their right mind would pay $255 for a ‘Speedy’ key ring???

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4 responses to "Snoop’s Got My Bag!"

  1. hellocello says:

    the bag is okay… im kind of bored by louis vuitton…

    but the keyring was adorable. but, considering it looked like the LV logos were made out of sequins, its DEFINITLY not worth $225!!!

  2. Virenda says:

    Personally if I’m going to spend over 600 dollars I wouldn’t do it on a LV bag, because everyone and their mom has one.

    However if your going to do LV then that is definitely the bag to go for. Nice.

  3. -ciao bella- says:

    I’m not sure if I’m big into that bag. It’s pretty and all it’s just that whenever I go to any big city anywhere it’s all about the checkered/cherry print/mongram LV knockoffs. If you’re looking for a nice bag…my favorite luxury ones are Kooba and Botkier. xx

  4. stilettoheights says:

    that picture of snoop is priceless!!!

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