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Fendi, Is That You?

Since my love affair with Gucci has come to a screeching halt, I decided to turn to Fendi for my luxury needs. But then I realized that I now have a love/hate relationship with Fendi, that is, I love to hate their bags. I used to be a huge fan of Fendi growing up – I owned several double F logo bags – a cute black drawstring version, a thin strap shoulder bag, and others. But lately I’ve been growing weary of Fendi’s new creations. I don’t blame them for trying new things but they always seem to miss the mark.

This bag is a mishmash of colors and styles, and there’s nothing ‘luxurious’ about it. It’s meant to be 80’s retro color-block but it looks more like the designer was color blind. In fat, it hurts my eyes to look at it. I wonder how much this ambitious creation is going to cost? Or even better, what poor sucker will shell out the cash to cop it?

Do you love it or hate it?

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4 responses to "Fendi, Is That You?"

  1. Alison says:

    that bag looks a bit like a graphic arts project gone horribly wrong….

  2. ENID P. says:

    I will put it to you this way. If I get it for free, I would wear it once…ENID P.

  3. mareGa says:

    That bag can’t be more beautiful…

  4. Ellen SB says:

    Hm, I would have bought it if I found it at a vintage marked.

    But, when I’m going to invest 1000 dollars in a bag I THINK I’m going to buy something more timeless.

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