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Dooney Downgrade

What happened to Dooney & Burke? When I was growing up, I dreamed of owning a Dooney bag. Although I owned numerous luxury brands and tons of other bags, I never purchased a Dooney. But I wanted one badly. The sturdy pebbled leather, contrasting smooth leather trim, and that duck logo always got me excited. But these new Dooneys make me depressed.
Who in the world is designing this crap, and for whom? Dooney was one of those brands that had lasting beauty and style, and now they look like cheap knockoffs of multicolored Coach and Louis Vuitton bags. These new bags remind me of the Spice Girls CDs – you know someone must be supporting them/buying them because they keep producing more, but no one admits to buying them (how many people do you see rockin’ these fugly bags?). Dooney – I’m done.

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3 responses to "Dooney Downgrade"

  1. ENID P. says:

    I go to the outlet at Woodbury, where they still have the full grain leather handbags. Those bags are for teenages. I see teens walking around all over the place with those bags. I think that right now their approach is, if it sells then we are going to make it…and unfortunately, I think its sellimg..

    ENID P.

  2. Jennifer Ramos says:

    OOH I LOVE THE Dooney bags they are soo cute!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dooney & Bourke’s “IT Bags” may appeal mostly to the young and young at heart. But make no mistake: Dooney & Bourke still has all the other lines, including signature (fabric), nubuck, all-weather leather, nylon, glove leather and now canvas. To make it sound as if DB has gone off the deep end as a company is just not kosher. DB still has all the other products that pre-date the “IT bag” phenomena. The person who made the original post should rephrase it so that it doesn’t come off like DB should just close up shop. How many fugly bags have we seen but nobody talks that way about the “other” design companies being beyond help.

    Louis Vuitton and Coach are the only companies that I know that regularly use Vachetta (or untanned leather), so I think it is about time that someone else began to throw a few new choices into the mix where those materials are concerned. While I would like to see some more sedate styles appear, I think DB is on the right track by offering those material combinations. Louis Vuitton is not an American company. They make great products and I love their classic monogram line dearly, but they do NOT own a trademark on Vachetta or canvas. Nobody can trademark the mere use of materials in and of themselves. So rather than ask why some of the DB creations are “fugly”, why not admit that it is about time for an American-made alternative to Coach (made in CHINA) and Louis Vuitton (a FRENCH empire).

    Everyone keeps faulting Dooney & Bourke for the realization that most teenagers are an economic growth segment to be reckoned with. Marketers know that teens are a huge source of revenue, but fashion bloggers evidently have NO clue. The point everyone on these blogs misses is that the IT bags are an addition to the existing D&B product lines, which include business products and the classic all-weather leather products like they started out with in the 1970s. I would suggest rather than copy the negative comments on the purse blogs that site administrators do their homework: Check out the DB Website before writing a post that reveals how little you know about how many product lines DB creates. DB may, in fact, be the most well-rounded manufacturer of all of them because their choices are the most diverse in terms of materials and overall “look”. DB is not stuck in the past, and they are not afraid to market to teens, which none of the other companies are overtly doing (although LV and Coach are popular with teens, they are not an acknowledged market).

    All good business is about finding your customer and selling them something. DB has maximized the number of customers it can sell to.

    I happen to personally like the brown canvas “IT bags” with Vachetta trim because it’s a bit less pretentious than Louis Vuitton and not so commonplace as Coach. The multicolor adds a bit of playfulness, and a color to match every outfit. If you were to offer me the same bag in white or tangerine, I might think differently, but the brown and black IT bags aren’t at all bad!

    Another good thing? There’s also no confusing DB with LV. The ONLY similarity is the materials. And like I said, you cannot trademark a generic purse material like canvas or vachetta (otherwise Coach would be a knockoff too since none of these companies are as old as LV). Bottom line? Using the word “knockoff’ either reveals that you are blind (if you think a DB looks anything remotely like an LV), or that you have a limited vocabularly where legal definitions are concerned (using the word in reference to something that does not infringe on another company’s trademark in any shape or form).

    This whole allegation that DB is trying to knock off other brands is merely a slam out of favoritism to another company. Coach and LV may be great, but let’s be REAL: Fake Coach and LV are dime a dozen. The problem is not nearly so bad for DB. That’s a plus all by itself.

    You don’t have to like DB, and if you don’t that’s perfectly okay. I don’t like every DB bag I’ve seen either, especially the “doodle”. But let’s remember something we can all agree on — every brand name has made it’s share of fugly bags. Consider the patchwork Louis Vuitton anniversary bag that costs over $20,000! Let’s remember some of those Coach styles that didn’t make a comeback (or stick around for long). Even “designer” labels make duds!

    Just the same, DB handbags are less likely to be faked compared to the other two designers I’ve mentioned. Most designers are basically following the leader, especially where colors and patterns are concerned, which makes DB stand apart (especially with the bold use of color, otherwise known as “arm candy”). Color isn’t for everyone, and certainly not for the faint-of-fashion-heart. But you gotta give DB credit for not being too shy. Don’t we all know someone whose favorite color is purple, red or some other color that is off-the-beaten-path for a handbag? Or what if you had someone who liked frogs, or ice cream cones or bumble bees? What’s wrong with putting them on a bag? It’s okay for your floormats in your car or your Disney T-shirt to look cartoonish, but NOT a handbag???? Forget the patterns, though. What if you simply tried to find someone a bag in their favorite color? How many of those other designers would even try to offer people’s favorite colors (celery green, periwinkle, etc)? Not many.

    DB has a lot of products for a lot of people. If a blogger is going to be a brand snob, than perhaps the blog should be renamed to reflect a single “worthy” brand, such as a site dedicated exclusively to Coach or Louis Vuitton.

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