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Bottega Ve-NOT!

Haute or not? Maybe I don’t even have to ask – this is just hideous. I’m not a huge fan of Bottega Veneta’s woven bags but at least they’re somewhat classy. This ‘Limited Edition Snakeskin Bag’ looks like the leftover confetti scraped up from the streets in Times Square on New Year’s Eve regurgitated in the form of a purse.

Every now and then it seems that luxury designers lose focus and attempt to venture into new design territory. My advice to them is: Stop it! Stick with what you know best. This bag is a prime example of when good design goes horribly wrong. Even if you typically don’t like snakeskin, you have to admit it can be done right. This, however, takes snakeskin to a whole new ugly level. Red, blue, green and yellow snakeskin strips are stitched together then topped off with gray (???) braided leather, a ruched top, clasp closure, and lined in blue suede! Ewww!! There’s way too many colors, textures, and trends in one, and an equally revolting price tag of £2,850.00. And isn’t ‘limited edition’ supposed to mean exclusive? I think in this case it translates to “probably won’t sell so let’s not make too many.”

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4 responses to "Bottega Ve-NOT!"

  1. discothequechic says:

    To me, the bag really doesn’t look designer-I think it looks pretty tacky.

    I like the scrapy look, it reminds me of those bags made out of coke cans that lots of people bring back from south africa!

    S xx

  2. pursejunkie says:

    Ok, WOW! That’s snakeskin?! What a waste! I usually don’t feel sorry for snakes but, in this case i shall make an exception. Poor guys if they were going to be sacrificed in the name of fashion they should have at least been shown a little respect. Geesh!

  3. dusk&summer says:

    i actually like it lol
    do you hate me? 😛

  4. Double Martini says:

    You’re right. It is hideous.

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