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Wearable Art For the Ultimate Snob

I’m not big on promoting handbags that cost as much as a small car, a down payment on a mortgage, or even a small country. But I will share the details of what I believe to be truly exquisite handbags, in case you have a huge chunk of change lying around.

I was recently introduced to the Rene Lautrec for EKSO collection and was instantly impressed. Designer Rene Lautrec combines art, fashion, architecture and lifestyle to create wearable luxury handbags. 200 styles are made from every exotic animal known to man, like stingray, ostrich, croc and alligator.

These bags are accessories within accessories! Each handbag comes with interchangeable straps, a miniature perfume bottle inside (refillable only by the company), detachable cell phone cases, a white-faced diamond and cabochon-studded pocket clock, make-up bags, mirrors, and matching lipstick cases. My goodness!!! Talk about getting your money’s worth! (Does it come with a Corvette and a dream house too?)

To up the snobbish factor, all the hardware is handcrafted and made of fade- and tarnish resistant sterling-silver, bronze, 24 karat gold, white gold, diamonds, and other precious and semi-precious stones. And once a year Lautrec produces custom, one-of-a-kind handbags, and to top it all off, he personally inspects each finished bag to ensure perfection.

Are you hooked yet?

Rene Lautrec for EKSO, is available exclusively at Alexandros, 5 East 59th Street, in NYC or by calling 212.868.1043.

Pictured, at top: The Renegade in genuine stingray ($8,500)
Pictured, at bottom: The Aristocrat in cognac ($12,500)

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  1. Ellen SB says:

    Hmm. I can always sell my liver or somerthing.. lol

  2. Haute Girl says:

    blogger’s robots have come to the conclusion that this is a spam blog so i can’t post until i hear back from them! blogger sucks!

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