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Haute or Not: Michael by Michael Kors Bags

Damn Blogger! Their ‘spam-prevention robots’ locked my blog because they detected that characteristics of my blog resembled a spam blog! I’ve been doing this for a year and now I’m considered a spammer??? What’s up with that Blogger???

Since I’m already in a bad mood…

Just a few months ago, I lauded the praises of Michael Kors. Now I’m considering taking it back. I know he probably employs a multitude of people who design his collections but doesn’t he have final say? If so, why did he approve these two bags? I’m not saying they’re terrible, but this is something I’d expect from someone playing around with their first sewing machine. And I certainly wouldn’t shell out more than $200 for these amateur bags.

What do you think? Haute or not?

MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Pacific’ Tote, $298 (top)
MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Saratoga’ Denim Hobo, $268 (bottom)

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2 responses to "Haute or Not: Michael by Michael Kors Bags"

  1. wendy says:

    =( im gonna say.. not. those bags make me frown. especially the 2nd one. who wants to look like they’re toting around… a butt?

  2. mareGa says:

    Not my cup of tea. Really.

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