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A Fleeting Fendi

If you like ransom notes made from letters cut out of magazines, then this Patent Crossword Clutch is the bag for you. Fendi never ceases to amaze me with their creations. While Gucci and Louis Vuitton don’t stray too far from their bread and butter styles, Fendi always has some interesting creation up their sleeve.

This patent clutch has strategically placed white block letters with a signature Fendi logo handle. If you like this sort of thing, it’s a great evening bag for the Spring/Summer, and is the perfect companion to the little black dress or even some sleek black skinny pants.

I have to admit that I might carry this bag if someone gifted it to me but is it really worth $920? (Hint: the answer is NO!) It is definitely a one-season trend piece. Patent leather will most likely be out next season and you’ll be stuck with an expensive fad It bag that just looks nice hanging in your closet. Like this blast from the past:

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4 responses to "A Fleeting Fendi"

  1. Pursed Lips says:

    I like this bag and plan to feature it myself. I disagree about its timeliness, or what have you. It’s not necessarily a “classic” look, but this could easily translate into any season. I do think it’s a classic for Fendi lovers.

    And the way the patent is subtle (one of the only subtle aspects) makes the leather irrelevant. I don’t think we should all sell our old patent bags in a year (but what would be so bad about that?) because if we like it, it doesn’t matter if it was last year’s trend.

  2. wendy says:

    $920!!! fendi just keeps getting more and more expensive. its cute though, i’d totally carry it around.. haha like you said, if someone gave it to me!

  3. ilyana says:

    This bag is equal parts alluring and disturbing,lol.

    It totally has that serial killer vibe. But at the same time, that’s kinda whats making it Haute. Im not a fan of patent leather, but I would actually rock this bag if someone was kind enough to buy it for me,lol

  4. ENID P. says:

    I kinda like the bag and kinda don’t. what I don’t like abput the bag is that the letters on the bottom read END….

    Is it the END for FENDI?????

    It’s interesting..

    ENID P.

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