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Wicker – It’s not Just For Lawn Furniture

I love Resort season because all of the bags have such an airy, breezy feel. Even if you can’t go on vacation right now, getting a resort bag makes you feel like summer is just a little bit closer. Also, the bags are light, easy to pack, perfect for toting to the beach traipsing around sunny locales.

Cork was the big resort material of last year but wicker also made a brief entrance. For the 2006/2007 resort season, wicker bags have come back strong. Here is a sampling of some of the best wicker clutches:
About half of Savoy Accessories’ collection includes adorably cute wicker bags. The Marbella Mariel is a dainty little clutch, with a teardrop-shaped leather flap closure and a cute gold chain. This bag is perfect for dinner and dancing in the Hamptons, and at $125, you can get one of each color to switch things up.

Kate Spade’s Minu Wicker Clutch ($195) is sparse in detail, as is common of her bags, but sweet nevertheless. I like the fish hook closure, and the gold leather trim which is not too garish, and the tiny gold-studded leather tabs at the bottom.

MICHAEL by Michael Kors barrel-shaped Santorini Wicker Clutch ($148) is THE resort bag for the modern woman. An auburn-colored leather flap looks great with a gold twist-lock clasp. I love the elegance of this clutch, and the overall Michael Kors style of it.

Ferragamo’s surprisingly different Wicker & Leather Clutch is nice because it is atypical yet still stylish. I like that the wicker appears weathered, while the black leather keeps it crisp. A leather strap lets you tuck it under your arm or swing it from your hand. And the only sign that it is a Ferragamo is the omega-shaped buckle and price tag of $850.

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4 responses to "Wicker – It’s not Just For Lawn Furniture"

  1. ilyana says:

    Omg… I think I’m in love.





  2. Alison says:

    wicker bags? Awesome!! especially the Michael Kors, so fab.

  3. ambika says:

    These remind me of fishing baskets with how big and open the wicker weave is–but in a good way. It makes them even more outdoorsy-seeming.

  4. Sunniva says:

    I adore those bags, especially the Michael Kors one! I can picture using one for a garden party, and it reminds of something Chloë Sevigny might use 🙂

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