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Is Brooklyn in the House?

Designers are often inspired by past trends, historical periods and even other designers. While that is all well and good, I prefer designers who buck tradition and search for interesting and unique things from which to design their lines. Take this bag from Bliss Lau. Inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge, the Suspension Chain Tote from her Spring 2007 collection has crisscrossed brass chains draped down the front of the bag, giving the impression of suspension cables which hold up the bridge. Three additional brass ‘cables’ also hang the bag from your shoulder. I love the perfect symmetry of the bag, and the New York feeling it invokes.

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4 responses to "Is Brooklyn in the House?"

  1. The Jetset says:

    I love this unique inspiration. This proves that fashion doesnt have to be just a cycle, but also an ongoing progression.

  2. wendy says:

    hey!! cool entry! i love how design can be so inspired… and that 2nd image is really beautiful!

  3. Margarite Elaine says:

    Cute bag! I love the story behind the inspiration. I would totally rock this bag with my flowy spring dresses.

  4. ambika says:

    Very cool juxtaposition.

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