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Haute or Not: Tory Burch ‘Frida’ Canvas Tote

I never saw ‘Frida’ but I heard it was a great movie. Looking at this bag, I think it’s safe to assume that Tory Burch saw the film and was perhaps inspired by Mexican art. But is that really an excuse to design a hideous handbag? Her ‘Frida’ Canvas Tote is (I’m assuming), meant to have a Mexican feel, but it winds up looking cheap and tacky. It looks like a novelty bag that was purchased at a Mexican street fair – something you might hang on your wall as a souvenir, but certainly not meant to be carried out of the house. And priced at $295, it better come with a Frida Kahlo original.

What do you think: haute or not?

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7 responses to "Haute or Not: Tory Burch ‘Frida’ Canvas Tote"

  1. wendy says:

    definitely.. “not”

  2. ENID P. says:

    Not to the third power…

    ENID P.

  3. jungle dream pagoda says:

    The spirit of Frida Kahlo and I concur. Not.

  4. ilyana says:

    Ahhh, Hmmmm, Ehhhh…


    I did however like Frida the Movie.


  5. S says:

    not liking it… at all.

  6. Anonymous says:

    WHAT? Ya’ll must have lost your minds. Lol. I guess I’m the only one who sees the fabulousness that is this bag. This bag is definitely hot! As an african woman, this bag is reminiscent of a various mix of native prints. For those of us who like wearing things that command light, this bag is it. I’d rock this anyday with my wild head of dreadlocks! Bless!

  7. All The Things You Want To Say, But Can't says:

    I love this bag!! It’s hot!

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