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Gucci Sucks!

Gucci, to me, has always been the Mercedes-Benz of handbag brands – iconic, luxurious, and highly coveted. I had a few vintage Gucci bags given to me throughout my life, but on a trip to Italy in 2005, my mother bought me my first, brand spanking new Gucci hobo. I fell in love instantly, clutching my new bag tight, (receiving many strange looks from my boyfriend I might add), and promised to take really good care of it. So what happened? Only several months later I began to notice some minor wear and tear. Now look at it!

I’m so pissed off that such an expensive bag from such a notable brand could get this damaged just from the friction of being carried on my shoulder. I mean, I’ve bought bags for way less money, and used them the same way and to this day they are still in pretty good condition. Less than two years later and the Gucci I so loved, looks as if it’s been ripped to shreds! And I didn’t even carry it everyday!

What do you think? Is it time for my love affair with Gucci to come to a bitter end?

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13 responses to "Gucci Sucks!"

  1. Flashy_Shades says:

    i’d be upset too!

  2. The Glossy Ed. says:

    I was as upset too when one of the lovely gold zipper pulls fell off my Marc Jacobs bag:(

  3. molly says:

    wow thats terrible. im sorry about your bag

  4. HighEndCouture says:

    AH how upsetting. I think I would be pretty sad if that happend.

    -But your site is the best ever!
    I adore Couture Bags! This is just the site for me to read! I like it!

  5. ambika says:

    You know, I’ve heard that high end brands have faltered in quality in the past couple of years. Here is clearly the evidence. How terrible for you.

  6. fashion theory says:

    something similar is happening to my prada wallet 🙁 it’s fraying at the corners!

    i’ve never had a problem with a marc jacobs bag though…

  7. ilyana says:

    awwwww:( I’ve never been a huge fan of Gucci bags for some reason.. I say end the love affair and begin a new hot romance!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I would take it to the nearest Gucci store and demand them to replace it.

  9. Sarah says:

    that reaklly sucks, you should see if have a warranty

  10. ENID P. says:

    wow.. I have been contemplating a Gucci bag….but not anymore. Go to Gucci and let them now that you are not happy with this quality.

    ENID P.

  11. ENID P. says:

    Just wanted you to know that I read your blog very frequently so I just linked you..

    ENID P.

  12. FreFab says:

    I have been on a rampage trying to find a great vintage Gucci boston bag…where would you recommend buying one? I will post a great priced Gucci item I bought that it is still in good condition this week on my site:)

  13. Dinah says:

    That is just terrible I would be so angry. I totally understand how you feel since it brings back bad memories of my Kate Spade wallet that frayed….

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