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Best and Worst Bags of 2006 Awards!

It’s finally here-the best and worst bags of 2006! See which of your favorites made the list:

Best bag of the year – Reader’s Choice: Fendi Spy

Though everyone and their mother had one, real and fake, you have to admit the ‘Fendi Spy’ was the best bag of the year. The innovative design, unique knotty handles and that adorable flap/coin purse made it haute.

Best bag of the year – New Designer: Begeren Moorea Tote

The Begeren ‘Moorea Tote’ is such an adorable bag, it had to be the best of they year (from a new designer). The design is great – the handle looks easy to hold (unlike many other satchels), and the leather just looks buttery soft, doesn’t it?

Most unique bag: Tie – Femme Sud Ex-Libris,

The Femme Sud Ex-Libris was hands down a truly unique bag. Anya Hindmarch made book bags before but none with the amount of cheekiness of these. I like that the designer was extremely thorough in the design of each ‘book’, with embroidered inscriptions inside, and a cute change purse and complimentary lipstick to accompany it! Even better, each ‘book’ was made in limited editions so there won’t be too many people ‘reading’ what you are.

Stylesse Lightning Strikes Tote

The Lightning Strikes Tote is cleverly designed – the lightning bolt flap is a closure and handle, for hands free access. I love the ability to transform nature into fashion, and I love the black, silver and red trio of colors.

Most innovative handbag brand: Freddy & Ma

Freddy & Ma took basics to a new level with their do-it-yourself line of handbags. Their addictive site features a handful of basic bag shapes and thousands of fabrics to choose from. It’s like shopping in a virtual fashionable candy store!

Most loved by celebs: YSL Muse

I prefer emerging and indie designers over established ones because the bags are typically more fashionable and fun. However, Hollywood loves luxury, and this explains why the YSL Muse was celebrity arm candy for most of 2006. It looks like any other bowler bag to me, with leather panels shaped like a Y. I still don’t get the hype.

Hautest new handbag designer: Zefanya

Zefanya was a brand new designer in 2006 and will probably stick around for quite awhile. Her designs are incredibly unique, and luxe – slouchy shapes with slanted drawstrings and that seemingly impractical but oh-so-cute bottom snap closure. Haute.

Most popular: Patricia Field Bag from The Devil Wears Prada

This convertible shoulder bag/clutch was lucky to be a part of such a hit movie because otherwise it would have likely been relegated to the clearance rack at Target. Or maybe even Wal-Mart.

Most coveted: Paul & Joe for Target Owl bag

Speaking of Target, big in 2006 was its Go clothing lines, with designers that most of us couldn’t regularly afford, but could sport their clothes made possible by Target. Again I don’t get the hype (this bag was selling for hundreds of eBay when it probably cost $5 to make), but it was THE most coveted bag of the year. Go figure.

Best trend: Snake accents – Rachel Zoe for Leiber – Cleopatra,

Pirates of the Caribbean spawned pirate everything – scarves, bags, clothes, jewelry, etc. ‘Snakes On a Plane’ was another much hyped about movie and spawned not so much snake gear. But a few designers incorporated the trend and did it well. Rachel Zoe ‘designed’ (and I use that term loosely) a gorgeous Medusa-inspired bag for Judith Leiber, covered in crystals and complete with a duo of slithering gold snakes.
Handmaid by Michelle Frantz Clutch with Snake

Handmaid used a snake as a hook closure on this cute clutch.

Most popular color: White – Lorelei Lucia Clutch

Winter white was haute all year long. Lorelei’s python ‘Lucia Clutch’ was so sleek and chic for winter, spring, summer and fall.

Most innovative material: Cork – Elezar Highbury,

Cork made a comeback in 2006 and when flecked with gold accents, was pretty haute. Elezar’s ‘Highbury Tote’ was cork trimmed with gold leather for a great Spring bag, and Lauren Merkin’s die-hard ‘Eve Clutch’ was given a makeover with cork, for a cute Spring/Summer clutch.

Lauren Merkin Eve Clutch

Best hobo: Botkier Trigger Fan Hobo

Botkier introduced the ‘Fan Hobo’ – basically the ‘Trigger’ with rounded edges. Not much of a departure from their trend of two slanted zippers and center buckled strap. Even still, I this hobo as I love all of Botkier bags – they’ve got everlasting style and appear to be quite durable.

Best satchel: Zefanya Sharpei

Zefanya makes the list again with its ‘Sharpei’ which actually resembles the dog of the same name. It’s cute, it’s slouchy, and it’s innovative. I love it.

Best comeback bag: Goyard

Goyard has been around since like 1776 but last year the French fashion house came back with a vengeance. Goyard is the new IT bag, but what I love about it is that not everyone has one, like a Gucci or Fendi. It still has a sort of exclusive status. Hope it stays that way.

Best metallic bag: Alessandro Dell’Acqua Metallic Mirror Leather Tote

What a gorgeous shiny bag.

Best tote: Anna Corinna ‘City’ Tote

I like the fact that this tote looks so unassuming, so non-girly. It looks like something you’d schlep all your stuff in while you carry a cute purse in your other hand. But even packed to the gills, the Anna Corinna ‘City Tote’ still looks stylish. And you can carry it in your hand or on the shoulder.

Best clutch: Hayden Harnett ‘Mercer’ Clutch

Hayden Harnett is by far one of my favorite new designers. Their bags have such a rebellious feel to me – like they don’t care about fitting in. They are definitely trendsetters and the ‘Mercer Clutch’ is evidence of that. Everything about it screams different and isn’t that just the way you want to be?

Best celebrity designed bag: Gwen Stefani for LAMB

Although I’m sure Gwen didn’t sit down with a sketchbook and draw her handbag line, I can still see her influences in it. The L.A.M.B. collection is very ‘fashionista rockstar,’ and the bags give us the opportunity to have a little bit of Gwen in our lives. No doubt.

Best ruched bag: Prada Pleated Tote

Ruched is the new wrinkled. Who would have ever guessed that a bag resembling a box of Sun-Maid raisins could be so haute? Prada made an entire collection of ruched totes this year, setting the trend for more and more ruching. They’ve even got an entire line of ruched totes for Spring 2007, in a rainbow of colors.

Best use of natural materials: Tivi Clutch

Many have tried to make wood handbags, and many have failed. Most attempts wind up looking like a lunchbox or are so lacquered it looks as if they may burst into flames. But Tivi’s wood-paneled clutch looks rich; its soft curves have the graceful beauty of a calla lily, and the lambskin interior softens up the hard exterior.

The next big ‘IT’ bag: Zac Posen Beatrice Quilted Bag

If I could marry Zac Posen I would. Then he could supply me with a lifetime of beautiful dresses. And now he’s a handbag designer too. What a lucky woman I would be. Although I’m sure there are many women in line to be with him, the ‘Beatrice’ is in the front line to be the next IT bag. Late in 2006, a bevy of celebs were spotted with this swinging from their arms. Zac (and his handbag line) is going to be big in ’07. (As if he wasn’t already.)

Worst bag of the year: Tie – Chanel Vinyl Tote,

I know many of you love this vinyl Chanel bag but it looks like an expensive trash bag. Hefty or Glad should get into the handbag market-they’d rack up! Louis Vuitton Chinatown Shopper

And someone over at Louis Vuitton probably was fired because of this Chinatown Tote. It looks like one of those bags you get from the farmer’s market, to carry your potatoes home.

The “What were they thinking?” bag of the year: Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Canvas Tote

Marc Jacobs should be ashamed. What is this?? Does he have a five year old niece that he’s trying to get into fashion design or something? Is her name Miss Marc? It’s even more hideous in person. There’s not much else to say.

Best bag for people with too much money: Judith Leiber Cat Clutch

Who was the poor soul that had to sit and glue all these crystals on this Judith Leiber bag? And who would pay $3,695 for it?

Best use of studs: Michael Kors Kiltie Shoulder Bag

Michael Kors knows good design. I love the Scottish feel of this. I like that the studs are pyramid-shaped – different from the over-used round studs, and are strategically placed and not overdone.

Most ubiquitous bag: Fendi B

The Fendi ‘B’ was everywhere in 2006.

Worst use of logos: LV mink

Louis Vuitton must have gone on a firing spree at the end of 2006. The mink collection looked liked someone tagged a bunch of polar bears with graffiti.

Most over-hyped new line: Gryson

Gryson is a new handbag line that everyone raved about but when I glanced at the bags, I wasn’t that impressed. Am I missing something?

So Sick of ‘It’ Bags: Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam Bag,

These ‘It’ bags are hopefully on the way out. I am so sick of seeing every girl on a Manhattan street with a variation of the quilted ‘Stam’ and the Chloe ‘Silverado’. I’m even sicker of seeing fake versions being sold all around the city. Chloe Silverado,

What were your favorite and not-so-favorite bags of 2006?

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20 responses to "Best and Worst Bags of 2006 Awards!"

  1. ambika says:

    This amazing post (what options!) has me realizing I have got to get a new bag.

  2. Cee says:

    Cute blog :]

    and i saw that chinatown LV bag at an exibit in Hong Kong last December.
    it was crazy.
    you can get those ags for a dollar, if it had no LV sign on it.

  3. Jessica says:

    Okay Okay i agree with you for most of your list and am happy you highlight the likes of Lauren Merkin and Anna Karina Tote, but I have to say I am very attached to the Fendi B bag. I love it in white and black and if I could afford it I would buy it.

    Also you can fault Mr. Jacobs for capitalizing how much money will be people spend on something so ridiculous that you can get in chinatown for a dollar. It is genius!

  4. ilyana says:

    I was obsessed with the Spy bag….

    Until I walked into one of the malls here and it was literally, everywhere, knocked off. And I’m not even mad at knockoffs, at least not when they are on canal st,lol. But your local suburban mall…o hell no!

    I love love love so many of these bags. But still think the dior romantique trotter small flap bag was delicious:)

  5. ENID P. says:

    I was head over heels for the Fendi Spy but it kinda wore off before I saved enough to but it…

    Now the bag that I have an eye on since last year. Rebecca Minkoff, the morning after bag…

    ENID P.

  6. S. says:

    Wow, I could usually care less about “it” bags and designer bags but you’ve got such beauties here.

    I’ve fallen hard for the Lightening strikes and clutch with snakes! I will be dreaming about them.

    And I couldn’t agree more, the furry LV is heinous.

  7. S says:

    love love love the
    Michelle Frantz Clutch.

  8. ambika says:

    I will definitely add you to my links. Great blog.

  9. pinkmirage says:

    I love the Ex Libris idea…too bad they don’t have a “Devil Wears Prada” version…

    Also will definitely be adding you to my links.

  10. Robert Vandenbego says:

    Hi! thanks for commenting my blog. Wow! Really I like your blog. ;0)

    Robert Vandenbego
    Madrid, Spain

  11. molly says:

    i love that owl one!

    and ive never been a LV fan (i hate those logos) but this is a new low.

  12. Karinaxoxo says:

    The Fendi Spy would have to be my fav…but I have to agree that it has been overkilled with all the fakes around. Same as the MJ stam

  13. Frapp says:

    My favourites are the Gwen Stefani for LAMB, Alessandro Dell’Acqua Metallic Mirror Leather Tote and the Rachel Zoe for Lieber Cleopatra!

  14. Anne says:

    Love your picks! All of them are great!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I sooo love the Begeren Bag in shamrock! I just had to have it… Thanks

  16. Anonymous says:

    check out olivia The bags are wonderful and I just love them.
    Hopefully they will be recognized soon.

  17. Candid Cool says:

    i’m actually impressed by the LAMB bags, i think the thing w/ LAMB is that we were all expecting it to be low quality J.Lo garbage, but it is actually nice quality pieces. so for that I respect her than most celebrity designers who just stamp their name on something.

    and that zac posen bag is FABULOUS!

  18. Siobhan says:

    well i heart the chanel bag and wish i was earning enough to be able to afford such a thing, the mirror tote bag is gorgeous and as much as i dislike rachel zoe “her” bag is actually quite nice
    x x x

  19. Linda Ly for begeren says:

    Thanks soooo much for the “Best Bag of the Year” title!

    For those of you coveting our popular Moorea tote, you can pick one up at 70% off retail on our website .

    We are having a LAST CALL end-of-season sale through this Saturday, February 10th – after which all NEW styles will be released and available for preorder!

  20. lagabbergirl says:

    I love the moorea tote! I also have the chelsea cargo sling and get compliments on them all the time! Go Begeren!

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