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Takin’ Out the Trash

Since when does luxury look like trash? For Fall/Winter 2006 and 2007, Chanel bucked their traditionally chic, quilted bags for this oversized, vinyl, trash bag style tote.

This bag is so popular the New York Times even featured it, with a collage of pics of ladies (clones) on the street carrying different variations of it.

Apparently there is a lengthy waiting list to get one, which priced at $1,000, I don’t understand. Is it really that unique and exclusive, or is its popularity simply due to the interlocking C’s plastered on the front? Can this trash bag truly be the next ‘It’ bag?

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2 responses to "Takin’ Out the Trash"

  1. alanna says:

    i’ll just get a garbage bag and put all my stuff into it. for 50p.

  2. Style Girl says:

    i do love this bag…is that so wrong? i don’t know that i’d spend that kind of $$ on it,but if someone gave it to me, i’d carry the hell our of it.

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