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Happy Halloween!

Think a black cat crossing your path on Halloween is unlucky? Then press your luck carrying this original from James Piatt’s Sundae Best line. The $175 ‘Tinkerbell’ tote is the most appropriate bag for this ‘day of the dead’. Though it’s sure to draw many stares, or scares, it seems to be highly impractical, and not the most stylish bag I’ve ever seen. However, this leather and Lucite creation is just roomy to carry your Halloween candy, or any other tricks or treats you collect on Halloween night.

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8 responses to "Happy Halloween!"

  1. Karinaxoxo says:

    This bag would ONLY be acceptable on Halloween… thats it! hehe

  2. S says:

    thats cute, although a tad morbid, sticking to the theme, there is this cute toothpick holder at:
    which i love. the bag reminded me of that.

  3. NotCarrie says:

    Yes, ONLY Halloween.

  4. LeighAnn says:

    Ok, that is a little disturbing. 🙂

    But now I want it!

  5. Shopaholic D says:

    that’s morbid…but strangely cute…all at the same time! weird

  6. dusk&summer says:

    thats hilarious but I love it!

  7. EnidP says:

    Its so interesting…I like it but only for Halloween…

    ENID P.

  8. Anonymous says:


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