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Haute or Not: Cynthia Rowley "Ophelia" Satchel

Cynthia Rowley is known for her quirky design aesthetic. Her clothing and handbags typically have fun and youthful elements. But when I first laid eyes on this bag, the first word that came to mind was ‘Granny’. The old school vibe of the plum–colored leather along with the contrast white stitching, ruching, and overall shape of the bag all make me think of an old lady. Even the name, “Ophelia”, is enough to conjure images of an elderly woman out on a Sunday stroll.

The “Ophelia” Satchel, however, was named a must have in this week’s People Magazine Stylewatch. Also, the people at People apparently believe this bag is trendy enough for the hipster set, as it was one of the prizes given away this week via their Fall Style Giveaway.

So what do you think? Granny or glammy?

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8 responses to "Haute or Not: Cynthia Rowley "Ophelia" Satchel"

  1. Karinaxoxo says:

    I’m on the fence with this one!!!

  2. le fashion says:

    i like this bag!

  3. Anonymous says:

    NOT! A total Granny! It reminds me of a triple decker bus. I’ll pass. On a positive note, the leather looks really soft and I love the color.

  4. fashion? yes please. says:

    NOO! Granny.Granny.Granny!!!

  5. Sophia says:

    it kinda reminds me of the Prada one… im not in love with it but i dont mind it =) its just, can they take away the white stitching on top? it makes the bag look cheap


    Ooh la love… Totally loved it the first 5 seconds, but as soon as it set in I started to see the frump. Hmm..

  7. Fashion Cult says:

    bags like this are usually best in person – when you can get seduced by the quality leather.

    i’d carry this bag

  8. shopdiary says:

    haha. it is cute in its own way you know. and for far less than its “parents”, the price is ok too.

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